We are very pleased that the Tesla Cyber truck has the first experience on the road. 

Some people have been waiting for years to see the Telsa Cyber ​​truck in action, which proves that the electric pickup is still alive.

How long is the Tesla Cybertruck wait?

Delivery may begin in 2023, with the exception of further delays in Tesla Cybertruck. 

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has not announced when delivery will begin in 2023. What if I waited until next summer?

People who get a new car usually have to be patient. But I saw the truck for the first time in 2019. 

That was many years ago! People are taking their Ford Bronco models and Libyan R1T trucks far beyond cybertrucks.

The original Tesla Cyber truck Giga lives up to hope by providing refreshing drinks to workers around the Texas facility. 

As trucks move around the premises, people throw water bottles and other objects at the factory workers behind them.

Drinks are available, but at least Tesla workers are happy and hydrated. 

Also, seeing Cybertruck in action is like a faint light of hope, proving that Cybertruck is still alive and moving.