Despite being extremely unsuccessful, the Vector W8 remains a highly collectible supercar, that could set you back $1 million today.

It's hard to forget the American supercar known as the Vector W8. 

The W8, with its wedge shape and twin turbochargers, embodied the cutting-edge automotive design of the 1980s and 1990s. 

The W8 was the finished product, whereas the Vector W2 was a prototype. 

With the W8, Vector established a name for itself even if it was never as well-liked as competitors like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Jaguar.

The Vector was one of the most contentious supercar designs ever produced. 

Heated debates were aroused by fantastic promises about its capabilities and the unusual technologies it employed. 

The Vector W8 was conceptualised by Jerry Wiegert, the man behind Vehicle Design Force, which he founded in 1978. 

This wouldn't develop into the Vector Car until 1987. The company's new name, Vector Aeromotive, was ultimately used to market the W8.

Wiegert sketched up some ideas for what would eventually become his very own supercar in 1971. 

Wiegert found his urge to start his own vehicle firm after working for General Motors.

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