Watch his reaction as YouTuber Cam Marz takes his newly cammed sports car out for a first drive, especially as it approaches the 7,000 rpm redline.

The Chevrolet Corvette continues to be the sports vehicle that often defeats supercars, but the automotive industry likes to kick things up a level.

An aftermarket camshaft is one of the most common ways to boost horsepower, improve performance, and generate a louder sound (also called a cam).

When a car like the C6 Corvette seen here is cammed, greater valve lift is obtained, lengthening the valve stroke and causing a spike in power. 

The longer valve openings result from the higher lift. This confluence of elements causes a higher rise in horsepower and a greater inflow of oxygen-rich air. 

Additionally, Chevy engineered the factory cam for longevity, but an aftermarket cam is solely made with raw power in mind.

The C6 Corvette of YouTuber Cam Marz was just cammed, and he is eager to hear and see the results. 

The video below shows Cam taking us for a first drive in his C6 as he enjoys the improved performance and audio, which is pleasing to both his and our ears.

Unleashing The New Beast Behind This Cammed C6 Corvette

Cam Marz informs us right away that his C6 Corvette has only recently been cammed and tuned, and he hasn't yet heard the car's brand-new voice. 

Cam could immediately see he was pretty impressed as soon as he turned the 'Vette up. 

It had the kind of raucous, thudding idle that would make any enthusiast's pulse race a little faster.