Since famous vehicles like the MK IV Toyota Supra and the Subaru WRX were created during this decade, 

the 1990s were a Renaissance time for Japanese performance automobiles. 

The Dodge brand of Chrysler was likewise going through a transitional period. 

At the time, Chrysler and Mitsubishi were partners in a joint venture known as Diamond Star Motors. 

That business endeavour would last until 1995. In 1990, this relationship gave rise to the Mitsubishi Eclipse, 

the famed sports vehicle from "Fast and Furious." It was known as the Eagle Talon when it was a Chrysler vehicle.

Because the Dodge brand required a sports vehicle and the V10-powered Dodge Viper wasn't yet available, it turned to Mitsubishi. 

The Dodge Stealth and the Mitsubishi 3000 GT are the two models that the two automakers jointly developed for the North American market. 

While it's true that both Dodge and Mitsubishi contributed equally to the automobiles' development by exchanging ideas and engineering know-how.

In actuality, the Dodge Stealth appears to have stolen from the Mitsubishi's homework and modified a few answers to avoid detection. 

Only the 1990–1996 period saw production of the vehicle.

Neither a Dodge nor stealthy The Dodge Stealth was mechanically identical to the 3000 GT, albeit not in the sense that they shared many parts; rather, they were almost the same vehicle.

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