The Toyota Hilux is a pickup truck that can go anywhere and everywhere… except to North America. We tell you why!

One of the most well-known utility vehicles in the world is the Toyota Hilux. 

The Hilux is a pickup truck to remember because of its outstanding performance both on and off the road, 

as well as its comfortable, luxurious cabin and smooth ride.

Despite its widespread use, it might be difficult to find one in North America, especially the more recent versions. 

However, given that it can readily compete with its American rivals in terms of usefulness, 

why is this Toyota so uncommon in the United States and Canada?

The Hilux Remains Toyota's Most Durable Car

In North America, the Toyota Hilux debuted in 1972 and enjoyed a respectable amount of popularity up until 1995. 

The Toyota Hilux continues to be Toyota's most well-known and robust pickup truck worldwide, 

even though the Toyota Tacoma can comfortably hold its own against its rivals.

Even though the US government has put a 25% tax on Toyota Hilux vehicles,

loyal lovers of Toyota pickup trucks may still theoretically import a Hilux to the US as long as they're ready to pay the fee.

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