You could purchase a Ram pickup truck from Dodge for many years. 

Ram and Dodge, however, are now separate brands owned by the same firm according to a 2009 restructure. 

Today, Ram provides all of the same engines that Dodge does, in addition to producing exclusive Ram powertrains. 

The two brands employ various strategies and appeal to various drivers.

Why did Ram separate from Dodge?  Technology and a parent firm are shared by Dodge and Ram. However, they cater to various populations and provide various products. 

They both have achieved success as distinct but connected brands as a result of their unique advertising methods.

The business shown a persistent dedication to muscle trucks when Ram trucks was a subsidiary of Dodge. 

Dodge Ram Daytona and Dodge SRT10 were legendary street-racing automobiles. The Ram 1500 G/T is available from Ram Trucks. 

But it's clear from the flagship Ram 1500 TRX that off-road driving is the new brand's main priority.

And Ram trucks has seen great success as a standalone brand. The Hedges Company estimates that by 2020, Ram pickups would have outsold Silverados by 35%. 

Although Ram truck customers are a little younger than Ford and Chevy consumers, they are still, on average, 50 years old. 

One out of every five people who buy a Ram truck is a woman, and half of Ram truck customers reside in rural regions.

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