Ford has introduced the 7th-generation line of its iconic Mustang, and it includes the GT3 and GT4 versions.

The 2022 Ford Mustang was replaced there a few days ago, and the 2024 Ford Mustang, 

which will make its debut on the market then, was the focus of the whole automotive industry.

The new vehicle looks great, and the brand's newest NASCAR competitor is hoping to win its first championship in this year's playoffs 

thanks to stylistic cues like the front bumper assembly and headlights. 

It boasts a more complicated rear wing than the present Mustang, and the model's jagged taillights add to its overall aggressiveness.

Although enormous displays dominate the inside, other elements like as the manual six-speed gearbox shifter sticking out from the floor and, 

obviously, the choice of a V8 option that weighs down the front end of the car give away this new model's retro attitude. 

Even in this advanced, environmentally conscious day, muscle vehicles are still just that.

The Blue Oval also unveiled a number of track-only variations of the car  ...

that will compete in different Motorsport competitions across the world along with the seventh-generation pony car. 

The Dark Horse R and S and Factory X Racing, an NHRA drag racer, were track-only client cars that were included in the collection of vehicles.

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