A digital artist has used his talents to design a modern version of the classic muscle car, using the Challenger SRT as the basis for his creation.

A legendary muscle vehicle that is seldom ever mentioned is the Plymouth Duster.

It was only ever produced from 1970 to 1976, and there hasn't been any sort of contemporary revival of it. 

What might a Duster that had been resurrected truly look like? We now have a concept thanks to digital renderer jlord8, 

who used the Dodge Challenger SRT as the foundation for his design of a new Plymouth Duster.

A Closer Look At The New Duster The design of the 2017 Plymouth Duster is undoubtedly intriguing. Jlord8 has also provided some great insight into the rendering design process.

The front end is very different, to begin with. The Challenger body now has grille that is retro in style, 

replacing the quad-headlights with ones that resemble the classic Plymouth Duster. Even new turning indicators are provided.

One of the other improvements is a longer tailgate to more closely resemble the design of the original Duster. 

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A Rewriting Of The Challenger Design The original Challenger used to create this visualisation also changes as it transitions from red to green. 

Even though it's a minor addition, it blends in nicely with the overall style.

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