A YouTube channel, Throttle House, took the three V8 high-performance sports sedans through their paces in a series of drag races.

Some of the greatest and most amusing automotive footage is produced by Thomas and James of Throttle House on YouTube. 

They offer everything, from reviews to drag races to historical reflections.

And this most recent video is just remarkable. Along with the 2022 Dodge Charger Jailbreak, a Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, 

and a Lexus IS 500, it also has Chris Harris from Top Gear as a special guest. 

Funny enough, Chris is also marketing his other business, the online car auction site Collecting Cars.

Serious Business With A Dose Of Fun The three men get right down to business after a lighthearted introduction during which Chris promotes Collecting Cars more. 

evaluating the three vehicles. James is driving an IS 500, Thomas is driving a Blackwing, and Chris is driving a Dodge. 

These are some of the last V8 cars still on the road.

Additionally, Chris is a little perplexed by the Dodge's strange packaging for added power. 

With 807 horsepower, though, it is outstanding. This contrasts with the Lexus' 472 horsepower and the Blackwing's 668 horsepower.

All three competitors in the drag race perform admirably off the line, but Chris' Dodge simply flies off into the distance thanks to the added power.

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