Although the HEMI is near extinction, Dodge's new Daytona coupe intends to add some much-needed excitement to the EV market.

Muscle car enthusiasts are still in shock over the recent announcement that  ...

their beloved HEMI V8s would no longer be produced starting in the winter as the third day of the first Dodge Speed Week draws to a close. 

Dodge apparently intends to keep producing cars with internal combustion engines until 2024,

but due to more severe rules, performance versions will use Hurrican twin-turbo straight-six engines.

Consumers may expect practically the same performance as .....

its HEMI alternative with a significant improvement in fuel efficiency thanks to the availability of regular output and high output models. 

Unfortunately for CEO Tim Kuniskis, anything less than a V8 engine is considered heresy by the Dodge devout, on par with disasters like the water-cooled Porsche or a forced induction M vehicle.

Suffice to say, the head of the Dodge brand would have his hands full today presenting the "Future of Muscle" to the world.

Muscle Cars Forever After celebrating a modest win of 14,000 pre-orders for the Hornet, Kuniskis went down to business by talking about the Detroit-based automaker's upcoming first EV.

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