The Porsche Cayman is no doubt an incredibly gorgeous car model, but owning it also comes with its fair share of hassles.

Purchasing a new automobile involves more than just the accompanying expenses. 

In actuality, purchasing a new automobile requires paying for petrol, sales tax, gas taxes, and insurance premiums. 

Furthermore, if you don't get the correct car, maintenance expenses might soar through the sky. 

Therefore, it's crucial to choose an automobile that works with your whole household budget. European sports vehicles might not be the best choice in this situation.

While European luxury cars are eye-catchers that immediately express success and prestige, 

excessive maintenance expenses will likely shatter your bubble when you discover how much of your income goes into keeping these cars in outstanding condition. 

When a part has to be changed on your "status" automobile, things might become even worse.

Maserati GranTurismo and Maserati Ghibli, for example, are magnificent automobiles but have a number of dependability difficulties. 

Maserati placed lowest in the "Reliability Index" rankings in 2019, and the GranTurismo was once more chosen as the least dependable car in 2021.

This implies that you are stuck paying for costly maintenance after investing six figures in these vehicles. 

In contrast, though they may not have the same "wow" factor, Japanese and South Korean vehicles are dependable and reasonably priced.

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