With his reproduction of this classic, remarkable digital artist Rostislav Prokop provides us a peek of the sports automobile we all want in our life.

In spite of the sceptics and the flood of electric vehicles, it's a terrific moment to be a fan for automobiles.

In a world of EVs and hybrids, cars like the Toyota Supra and the Ford Mustang guarantee that ....

enduring brands from the past can continue to provide us capable and entertaining automobiles.

Toyota revived one of the numerous iconic sports cars the company has produced over the years when it chose to bring the Supra back with assistance from BMW. 

There is currently no Toyota MR2 or Celica successor, but if they wanted to revive a real legend, 

they may choose to do it with the 2000GT, a rare, limited-production grand touring sports vehicle from the 1960s.

This image created by Instagram artist Rostislav Prokop for HotCars serves as a reminder of the appeal of the fastback coupe and the lasting impact of the beloved 2000GT.

The Rostislav Prokop Custom Toyota 2000GT Concept For 2022

This unique rendering appears in white and takes its general design directly from the iconic Japanese sports vehicle of the 1960s.

Its size and design are shockingly Supra-like, which you should anticipate given that this idea will undoubtedly share the Supra's base as well as its engine and transmission.

The sleek LED headlamps that have replaced the original 2000GT's pop-up headlamps up front and 

the LED daytime running lamps below are the first indications of this car's influence.

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