Recent rumours claim that the Ford F-150 will once again go by the moniker Lightning. 

Furthermore, it would be reintroduced on the next F-150 electric truck. The only information available at the time came from allegedly leaked Ford papers. 

But as of right now, the Ford F-150 Lightning is back and it's electric, according to the Blue Oval.

The Ford F-150 Lightning returns as an electric truck

The first true high-performance Ford F-150, formerly known as the SVT Lightning, continues to have a sizable following. 

Furthermore, although the dune-jumping Raptor effectively replaced it, recently discovered prototypes suggested that the Lightning might strike once more.

These clues have now come to pass. Ford just announced that the future all-electric F-150 would be called the Lightning. 

Therefore, it appears that the term "E-150" discovered on the NHTSA website was probably a placeholder.

Jim Farley, president and chief executive officer of Ford, emphasised that the Ford F-150 electric truck will maintain its commitment to performance.

The electric Lightning is "'even speedier than the original,'" to use the quotation.

A 0-60 mph pace of 7.2 seconds is perhaps "not exactly a lofty bar to clear," as MotorTrend notes. 

That's because the impending electric version of the F-150 Lightning has two motors instead of one, and AWD rather than RWD. The Lightning EV isn't just about horsepower, though.

The future Hummer EV and the current-generation F-150 Hybrid both feature built-in generators, and the electric Ford Lightning will too.

Additionally, this generator can power a home, according to Car & Driver. 

According to Autoblog, the electric truck also has a front trunk and can receive upgrades wirelessly.