The APG brings us the ultimate performance package for the mighty pickup truck, lifting it and giving it a wider body.

Since its introduction in 2021, the Ford Bronco has been a huge success. 

However, certain businesses want to advance the Bronco farther. 

The Ford Bronco ProRunner, developed by Automotive Performance Group (APG), adds a variety of modifications and enhancements to the Ford vehicle.

This Is The ProRunner Package According to APG, the Bronco has reached a completely new level. 

With the addition of the Bronco Long Travel Front Suspension System, 

the vehicle now has 16.5 inches of wheel travel thanks to billet upper and lower control arms that are 3.5 inches wider per side. 

The Bronco's rear is equipped with King coilovers and bypass shocks, and its front and rear fenders are made entirely of 100% aerospace-grade carbon fibre. 

Additionally, they are 7 inches wider on each side than the stock Bronco fenders.

The Addition Of More Carbon Fiber The Bronco now has a one-piece roof from APG as well as a carbon fibre hood insert. 

The Bronco now has a new Ultimate Dana 60 rear axle that is 7 inches wider, 

along with an Ultimate Dana 44 IFS drive unit and 300M RCV HD axles up front. Images of the APG Bronco show the extent of the Ford off-modifications. roader's

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