The Falcon F7 is a 200 Mph built-in-America supercar, powered by the C6 Corvette ZO6's LS7 V8 that you might have never heard of!

What two names first come to mind when we discuss supercars? Ferrari and Lamborghini, of course. 

This is due to the fact that for financial reasons, Ferrari and Lamborghini are able to produce and sell a far larger number of supercars than smaller manufacturers.

Contrary to expectations, in 2014, engineer and auto enthusiast Jeff Lemke demonstrated that ....

creating a fantastic supercar didn't require a lot of finance or the support of a major automaker.

The Falcon F7 was constructed on a tight budget and resembled a homemade product in many aspects, but that didn't stop it from going up against the big dogs!

When Jeff Lemke was creating the Falcon F7, he came upon a picture of a Ford GT, 

which, of course, is stunning. This image served as inspiration for the Falcon F7's external design. 

Jeff Lemke was able to sketch the general layout of the automobile he intended to build after carefully examining the poster.

Jeff Lemke had spent 12 years producing composite body panels for the Dodge Viper as well as ...

other outstanding engines before he got the brilliant idea to design a supercar on a budget that could compete with brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

He learned how to construct clay sculptures while he was constructing body panels, a technique that would be useful when he was creating his own super vehicle. 

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