Dodge introduced the Challenger as a credible rival to the Ford Mustang and its brother, the Plymouth Barracuda, just as the pony car craze was beginning to catch up. 

The decision to employ the Chrysler E-body architecture was made by Dodge since Chrysler had a greater influence in the company's profitability. 

The Challenger gained popularity quickly because it had some of the more alluring engine options available at the time. 

The 426 Hemi was the most powerful and costly option available.

After a few decades, the Challenger, which was once a competitor, is currently the sole vehicle available that is adhering to its heritage. 

Dodge will offer many Challenger grades for 2022, ranging from basic models to tire-shredding Hellcats. 

The Challenger is available in a variety of trim levels, ranging from the 300-horsepower Challenger SXT to the 797-horsepower Challenger Hellcat Redeye. 

This is similar to the four-seater Charger. Not to mention the recent special versions that Mopar has been producing.

Any European brands are a good choice if you're the type of person seeking for a rather reasonable sports coupe. 

The Dodge Challenger is a good choice if you want one of the local thoroughbreds since it exemplifies what a muscle vehicle should be.

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