Dodge has promised that the muscle car favorites will have to rely on a different source for their power.

Dodge's muscle vehicles, the Challenger and Charger, continually improve without losing their unique formula, 

guaranteeing that future generations will be able to enjoy the rush of a powerful V8-powered sedan.

But as the EV era approaches, it is maybe natural to wonder if the cherished muscle cars will be able to hang onto those thirsty, polluting engine units under their enormous hoods.

It appears that we don't need to worry about this future any longer because it has already happened, as shown by evidence obtained by the automobile website Motor1.

We investigate the specifics of the account to see whether the muscle vehicle is still salvageable.

Dodge Makes It Clear The Dodge Challenger And Charger Will Be Electric

The source quotes a Dodge representative as saying that the Challenger and Charger won't be making a comeback with an internal combustion engine.

The representative is cited as stating "The article is wrong," in reference to an error that was made on yet another car website. 

"Both the HEMI and the platform in question are being discontinued. A BEV-based generation will follow ".

This indicates that the V8's time within one of its greatest engine bays ever, in vehicles that are pushing the limits in many ways, may be running out soon.

The HEMI V8 drag racer for the road is on borrowed time, which validates our suspicions that Dodge will ultimately release an electric muscle vehicle, as would most other manufacturers.

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