But resale value is still a key factor to consider when you’re buying a new truck.

A higher resale value will save you a lot when it’s time to sell your truck.

What truck has the highest resale value? The new 2022 Tundra vehicles are predicted by KBB to hold 70.2% of their value over a five-year period. 

For 2022, Toyota revamped the Tundra pickup trucks, giving them a large, blocky front end and fresh style. 

They currently have powerful turbocharged V6s and hybrid V6s with large payload and towing capacities.

For years, Toyota vehicles have been praised for their dependability. The new Tundra ought to be as well.

1. The 2022 GMC Sierra HD is the only heavy-duty truck on the list

2. Toyota Tacoma trucks make the list, of course

3. The New Ford Maverick is right on the Tacoma’s heels

4. Ford’s F-Series trucks are always a sales leader, even used

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