It's a different game when it comes to uncommon Dodge production cars than it is with either Chevrolet or Ford. 

Dodge had fewer options and a smaller selection of engines. A first-generation car's rarity is mostly determined by its Hemi engine or four-speed gearbox choices.

Likewise, controversial colour choices. Although 426 Hemis are included in this category, in some respects it is more fascinating than T-code Boss 429 Mustangs or ZL1 Corvettes.

You were aware that these birds would be scarce when they were young. 

However, Dodges with unusual configurations didn't cost any more than those with common ones.

Now, fifty years later, rarity can occasionally be determined by chance or hit-and-miss.

1970 Challenger T/A Dodge intended to produce more Challengers than the 2399 T/A model. 

Production of T/A was halted by development expenditures. But the introduction of its six-pack was legendary. 

Consequently, it was a unique vehicle when it was brand new. 

Many of these 340 ci-equipped versions would eventually have bigger engines in place of the originals. 

It was simple to install an Imperial 440 engine, which produces more than 350 horsepower in standard form, in your Challenger to create a powerful street fighter.

1970 426 ci Hemi Challengers

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