It might be entertaining to argue that a slower automobile is preferable on occasion. 

In actuality, it's frequently a really strong defence. 

There are several reasons why previous, less expensive BMW M3 models might be preferable than the present six-figure sports car. 

Now, we're going to essentially perform the same comparison between the Honda Civic Si of 2022 and its larger sister, the Honda Civic Type R. 

Time for a competition amongst the sexiest Honda Civics.

VTEC twins the Civic Si and the Type R are set apart by money

To be clear, the problem is widespread in the modern vehicle industry. 

The automobile that everyone desires is frequently the car that they cannot (or, for various reasons, should not) have. 

Consider the newest Corvette. Finding a brand-new 2022 Chevrolet Corvette at MSRP will be challenging.

You may counter that the C5 Corvette is a better investment. To get back on track, 

we believe that the Honda Civic Si is a better investment than the Honda Civic Type R.

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