The GMC Sierra 1500 has provided us with a wealth of knowledge this week. 

To find out every little detail, we have been crawling through the vehicle like spider monkeys.

Despite being a fantastic truck, there are three areas where the 2022 GMC Sierra may be improved.

Three things that the 2022 GMC Sierra could do better

We're excited to get to know the 2022 GMC Sierra. For 2022, it received a number of outstanding enhancements, including an improved interior with better comfort and higher-quality materials.

Additionally, we got to see the ultra-luxurious GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate package make its debut as well as the new Sierra AT4X trim taking its off-roading skills to new heights.

Additionally, although cutting-edge technology like the SuperCruise hands-free diving system is amazing, there are still areas where the Sierra may be improved.

1. The GMC Sierra could have more intuitive tech The 13.4-inch Google-operated entertainment system in the 2022 GMC Sierra measures in size. 

That's enjoyable, and we appreciate Google Assistant. You may ask it for jokes, the animal of the day, or directions. It's not the most user-friendly application, though.

It's not quite simple to find out how to do things like access vehicle settings, map out routes, and change the layout. 

A few times, we asked, "How do you do this?" and in some cases, we had to turn to Google for answers.

We searched Google for instructions on how to open the in-bed Kicker audio system and operate the MultiFlex tailgate. 

However, we eventually discovered instruction books that may have saved us time.