Owning a modern Dodge muscle car will put you ahead of most drivers on the road, but it's not without its headaches.

Dodge was founded in 1900 and has produced some amazing high-performance cars, like the Charger and Challenger. 

Both vehicles are among the most popular offerings from the manufacturer, in large part  ...

because of their features, capabilities, and a range of trim levels that provide further performance and technological options.

In addition to their performance, many adore the Charger and Challenger for their excellent rides, especially the most recent versions. 

On most surfaces, they provide smooth, bump-free rides and handle amazingly when pushed aggressively. 

Owners have, though, occasionally run across a few frequent problems.

1). Power Steering Assembly Leaks The power steering assembly hose was a source of trouble for several Challenger models. 

Corrugated assemblies on the Challengers impacted by this problem would come apart from other parts and spill power steering fluid.

There was a significant recall for the 2010 Dodge Challenger as a consequence of this problem. 

Given that the fluid would seep into the engine compartment and perhaps start a fire, it was a significant issue for the Challenger. 

Check to see whether the Dodge Challenger you own or are thinking of purchasing was included in this recall.

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