Tesla is once again at the cutting edge of electric vehicle innovation. 

Tesla's latest patent includes novel methods that have never been used before (or even really imagined). 

In its most recent patent, Tesla proposes to extract lithium for its batteries using table salt. 

Although lithium is currently used, this new method is meant to make getting the lithium required for Tesla's batteries easier and more affordable.

What is Tesla’s new patent all about?

Tesla has submitted a patent describing a fresh method of extracting the lithium required for batteries. 

The idea has been around for a while; Tesla CEO Elon Musk originally brought it up during battery day in 2017. 

The only thing we knew at the time was that it concerned table salt but the specifics were vague.

"We found that we can really utilise table salt, sodium chloride, to basically extract the lithium from the ore," 

Musk stated at the time. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever done this before.

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