The Orca brings the best aspects of an EV into something truly remarkable, with infinite fun on the water.

Personal watercraft (PWCs) are common in lakes and coastal locations in North America. 

Along with the enduring appeal of these water-based leisure vehicles, sales of electric automobiles have exploded to historic levels.

Samuel Bruneau, a recent college graduate who saw these trends, co-founded Taiga Motors in 2015 with the goal of producing recreational and utility cars with electric powertrains.

The Canadian company concentrated on creating a variety of summer and winter vehicles in addition to personal watercraft. 

Ekko, Atlas, and Nomad are the three snowmobile models offered by Taiga. The more durable models include additional storage and utility features, including the Ekko and Nomad.

With a reported 0-62 mph run time of just 2.9 seconds, the Atlas wins the prize for the greatest performance. Each has a starting price of $17,499 and a range of 61 to 87 miles.

The Orca: An Overview I showed up at the Ferry Dock Marina in Burlington, Vermont, on a bright July afternoon to take the Taiga Orca on her maiden voyage. 

I focused my attention on a number of Taiga Orcas that were all sporting Carbon Fiber bodies as the sun glistened across Lake Champlain. 

Although these Orca models in carbon fibre were the top tiers, Taiga Motors also provides it in two more trims.

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