Tesla like including really amazing technologies in its cars, and the future Tesla Cybertruck could be no exception. 

Tesla's latest patent clarifies a long-standing rumour regarding their electric truck. 

What precisely is covered by Tesla's most recent patent, and what are the possibilities that Tesla will implement it? Let's look at it.

Tesla’s new patent details a much-talked-about feature

Tesla's latest patent reveals something that people, and Tesla enthusiasts in particular, have been waiting for for a long time. 

Even Twitter users sent tweets to Elon Musk requesting that the Cybertruck include rear folding seats, according to Motor 1. 

The truck's bed, which Musk and Tesla refer to as "the vault" since, of course, a Tesla can't just have a trunk, would then be accessible to Tesla drivers.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Tesla's latest patent suggests that the Tesla Cybertruck may incorporate split-folding rear seats. 

For anyone who might wish to utilise their Cybertruck for camping, this could be useful. 

This function can be especially useful for truck owners who frequently need to reach the bed.

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