The new announcement from Musk comes on the heels of Tesla stating its renewed focus on service.

Tesla is said to be working to achieve simultaneous vehicle service using the "Formula 1 Pit Crew Technique," as Elon Musk said.

The company's CEO recently announced on social media that he is working to serve his car at the same time as possible.

The new development seems to be in the same direction as Elon Musk's plans for 2015, which hired 25-year F1 veteran and former Red Bull chief mechanic Kenny Handcomer.

Hankmar is hired as Global Director of Service Innovation, and the new one launches a service program.

One such program, F1 inspired "Fast Lane," has been introduced to reduce waiting times at service centers.

Mask's new announcement follows Tesla's new focus on services. Tesla's customer fleet is reported to be growing much faster than its service infrastructure.

Therefore, the company aims to schedule most repair appointments on the same day.

Elon Musk is said to have investigated various repair dates and believes that most can be done on the same day as long as the parts are available at the service center.

However, Mask and Tesla have not yet explained how they intend to maintain service at the same time.