Tesla claimed the agency is rushing to sue businesses without conducting full investigations

Tesla Inc. claimed that the state's civil rights watchdog was suing the corporation for racial discrimination at an assembly facility, 

but a California administrative body declined to look into this claim.

In a letter, the California Office of Administrative Law rejected Tesla's petition, 

which had been submitted in June and sought to ascertain whether the Department of Civil Rights (DCR) had  ...

adopted "underground regulations" that contravened the conditions Tesla was required to satisfy before suing employers.

Despite being dated August 8, the department only recently got the letter that Reuters was able to get.

Tesla may still pursue its claims in court, according to the OAL, which examines state agency policies and can suggest modifications. 

The OAL did not provide a justification for the refusal.

The government claims that Tesla's flagship Fremont, California, facility had a racially segregated workplace  ...

where Black employees were harassed and discriminated against in terms of job assignments, punishment, and compensation in a case now ongoing that was filed in February.