When Tesla completes the modifications at Giga Shanghai, the plant will be able to produce about 3,000 cars every day.

Additionally, Giga Shanghai is anticipated to add a third shift of employees to the facility. 

According to Tesla China, recent improvements to the manufacturing processes enhanced the factory's capacity. 

The Shanghai gigafactory is anticipated to generate between 1,000 and 2,000 Model 3 units per day in addition to a third shift. 

Up to 2,200 units might be made each day on the Model Y production line.

On July 16, Tesla China completed modernising the Model Y production line. 

It is now finishing up improvements to the Model 3 assembly process.

Earlier this month, Tesla China began revamping the Shanghai facility, which temporarily halted manufacturing. 

By August 7, the firm anticipates finishing the changes to the Model 3 production line. 

On August 8, Tesla Model 3 production would resume.

COVID shutdowns hampered Tesla Shanghai production in the first and second quarter.