Delivery of Tesla's new battery-powered vehicles and crossovers cooled in the first three months to the second quarter of the year ...

as CEO Elon Musk's continued slowdown in production continued longer than expected, and Covid A protocol on how a company operates due to the closeness of associations.

Problems with launching new plants in Germany and Texas.

The Austin-based automaker announced that it has delivered 254,695 vehicles to customers around the world in the three months to June 30.

It increased by 26% year-on-year, but decreased by 18% from the record 310,048 units in the first quarter. 

That number was below the average of 258,000 deliveries expected by analysts surveyed by Forbes.

In a quarterly release, Tesla quoted "Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges and Plant Closures Out of Our Control."

"2022 began with the delivery of 1.5 to 1.6 million bogey units (1.7 million expansion target), but given that China's global supply chain problems will reach 1 million, Boogeyman is now.

That's 1.4 million units each year, "said Wedbush analyst. In his research note, Dan Ives said the latest quarterly distribution figures were "ugly and unobtrusive."

The slowdown in Tesla's most profitable market, China, will occur after a relatively stable period of revenue and production growth at Elon Musk's EV power plants.

This quarter marked Tesla's first major headcount reduction, coupled with slow delivery. 

This will affect about 3.5% of the world's workforce due to Mask, who expects the US economy to fall into recession.