According to the latest update from CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla Cybertruck is about 82 inches wide and the vehicle comes standard with a "laser blade" light on the top.

Through Twitter, Musk revealed that the width of all previously announced electric trucks could be significantly reduced.

Cybertruck was officially 84 inches wide when it was announced in Los Angeles in November 2019, but it can be reconfigured to about 80 inches wide to fit a typical garage setup. Estimated.

The Tesla Cybertruck also features a laser blade top light, an aesthetically futuristic lighting bar above the truck's windshield.

Although the details of this feature are very limited, the Laserblade Light is intended to improve the rider's visibility, especially on difficult terrain and dark outback excursions.

In addition, laser blade lights add a cool element to dystopian vehicles. It has been reported to have attracted the attention of more than 500,000 booking holders since its debut.

Elon Musk was pretty generous with the Tesla Cybertruck update on Friday night. When asked if the long-awaited pickup truck looked the same overall, he said, "It's a little better."

This latest Cybertruck news from Mask confirms that owners can comfortably camp behind Cybertruck, 

and that it's a great option for long-distance drivers, so how Tesla will reach the EV community. It also shows that you are listening to.

It's not clear how Tesla's electric pickup truck fits into a typical US residential garage.

response to Teslarti's story that YouTuber used the giant Cyber ​​truck AR mobile app to discover that the dimensions of the truck were too big for a home garage, the mask looks what the Cyber ​​truck AR looks like overall. He responded with his own thoughts.

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