The Tesla Cybertruck encountered many complex emotions when it was announced last November.

It was celebrated, ridiculed, met with anger, and met with enthusiasm. Fully electric pickups have not yet been introduced to customers,

but this vehicle has already stimulated the creativity of many. 

And if the story of the Tesla owner is any sign, Cybertruck seems to have already saved lives.

Tesla owner u / geriath27 recently shared his family's experience with all-electric pickups from subreddit r / tesla motors. 

His story began about a year before his family received the Tesla Model 3. EV enthusiasts actually booked the model three years ago,

But when the vehicle was first on display, he couldn't buy it due to circumstances. Fortunately, 

Tesla enthusiasts were able to justify buying the Model 3 last year with longer commute, new jobs, and vehicle fuel savings.

Interestingly, u / Jeriath27's wife was initially quite skeptical of the Model 3, given that she would drive the Model 3 for about 95% of the time. 

But in a true Tesla way, the Model 3 quickly drifted and began actually supporting Uber and Lyft for EV enthusiasts' wives.