When the army was talking about adding an electric car to its fleet and describing the Tesla Cybertruck as a  ..

"future armored personnel carrier," one rendering artist decided to understand what the cybertruck was. Falcon?

As reported last week, the military is planning to use electric vehicles for long-range missions, citing Tesla as a viable example of large electric vehicles.

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk described Cybertruck as a "future armored personnel carrier," many suggested that 

Cybertruck could be used as a platform for manufacturing military vehicles.

It used to be a military vehicle, but it resembles a reverse hummer that was later converted into a commercial vehicle.

However, Cybertruck has some other perks not found in most utility vehicles, including the fact that it is built with an ultra-rugged 30X cold-rolled stainless steel exoskeleton.

YouTuber Electric Future and car designer Jan Peisert have collaborated to imagine  ...

what the Tesla Cybertruck would look like as an electric military vehicle like the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

They have come up with several interesting designs:

One of them even shows potential solar power capabilities, which is exactly what Tesla is planning on Cybertruck.

Tesla claims that the optional solar panel system for electric pickup trucks produces about 15 miles of electricity per day.

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