Billions of tech tycoons Elon Musk has announced that they will unveil a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck at an event in Los Angeles on November 21st.

"Cybertruck was announced on November 21st in LA near the SpaceX rocket factory," Musk tweeted.

In addition, Musk briefly talked about the idea of ​​a "Tesla Cybertruck" and pitched it to the US military.

"This is based on a fake Electrek article. The Air Force asked me to speak at a startup conference called Pitch Day, and I mentioned Cybertruck. I don't buy APC. It's the Air Force." Said. Tweet.

Mask initially planned to announce the truck earlier this year, but announced in September that it had postponed the launch event to November.

Tesla's CEO reported Wednesday that the next pickup truck had a "painful" design, was easier to use than the Ford F-150, and outperformed the original Porsche 911.

He also said the truck would look "quite sci-fi". "If someone wants a track that looks like a track from the last 20, 30, or 40 years, it's probably not for them."

Musk mentioned on Twitter in April 2017 his desire to produce a pickup truck before the first Model 3 sedan was handed over to customers. 

Musk tweeted that the pickups will be presented in 18-24 months.

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