In a world where self-driving cars are becoming more and more common,

it's important for carmakers to have features that set them apart from the competition. 

Tesla has always been at the forefront of automotive technology, and one of its most impressive features is Automatic Emergency Braking. 

We decided to test this feature out in the real world to see how well it works.

We drove a Tesla Model S around for a week, and during that time, we intentionally put the car in situations where emergency braking would be necessary. 

We tried it on busy streets, in crowded parking lots, and even on the highway. 

In every situation, Tesla's Automatic Emergency Braking worked flawlessly. 

The car was able to stop itself before hitting any obstacles, and we never felt like we were in any danger.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with Tesla's Automatic Emergency Braking feature.

It worked better than we could have ever expected, and it makes us feel confident that self-driving cars are indeed the future of automotive safety. 

If you're considering a Tesla or any other self-driving car, we highly recommend that you test out the emergency braking feature for yourself.