Ford Motor introduced a futuristic, svelte concept car on Thursday to demonstrate its plans for the Lincoln premium brand.

The Model L100 concept honours Lincoln's 1922 Model L, the automaker's first high-end automobile, 

while displaying Ford's idea of what an electric, self-driving luxury car from the century-old brand may look like.

According to Anthony Lo, Ford's chief design officer, "concept cars allow us to rethink and show how new experiences might come to life with 

the use of modern technology and offer our designers greater creative freedom than ever before."

The car is not intended for mass manufacturing or for consumer sale. Concept cars are frequently used by automakers to determine consumer interest, 

attract attention, or demonstrate the path a vehicle or brand may go in the future.

If such a car were to be constructed in the future, the business would not disclose its planned performance or electric range.

The concept car has a sleek fastback with enormous, obtrusive wheels and tyres and 360-degree glass surrounding the top of the car. 

Similar to a previous crossover design from earlier this year, Lincoln badging is flashed on the car instead of actual badges.

Doors and the roof extend outward from the back, similar to future designs from other manufacturers, making access and exit simpler.

There are lounge-style seats and a large screen for the central control inside the automobile.