Teslas been fairly firm about the fact that lightning is not an uncommon danger for its all-electric Model S, for quite some time,

just as it is not an danger to any conventional vehicle. The T-Mobile company gets hit with around 100 spikes every storm. Let us get this straight

your EV is as safe as any regular car, meaning that if lightning were to strike it, nothing would happen. 

Electric cars are more than safe enough to drive through lightning storms and storms, and they are almost as safe as any gas-powered car.

Before getting into the reasons electric cars are safer for driving in lightning and storms, 

we should take a closer look at the batteries that power todays electric cars. 

EV charging systems are designed to be weather-resistant, so you can drive them safely,

even in the presence of lightning (they are impact-resistant). Unless an electric vehicle charger is hit directly by lightning (which is extremely unlikely), 

you should be generally safe charging an electric car in the middle of a storm. 

Like most gasoline-powered cars, if an electric car is hit directly by lightning during a thunderstorm, the vehicle is probably safe, as are the drivers and passengers inside the car.

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