Find out what score Doug DeMuro gave this $85,000 ultra-luxury pickup truck and whether it is worthy of its Denali Ultimate name.

The Denali trim level is one of the most opulent ones offered by GMC, which makes some of the greatest work vehicles now available. 

What happens if you combine the two and give the badge the word "Ultimate"? GMC would need to have a lot of faith in their offering.

In his most recent video, Doug DeMuro investigates whether the 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate lives up to its moniker.

THHIIIIISSSS Is The GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate

Doug starts off by informing us that the truck's MSRP is slightly around $85,000. 

For that much, you receive a set of highly unique 22-inch wheels, an ultimate "Vader chrome" grille, and front and rear blacked-out GMC insignia.

 The door sill inserts and Ultimate insignia are also visible on the top rear of the front fenders. 

The Denali peak is depicted on a relief map on these badges, along with coordinates that go to its highest point in North America. 

A pretty nice GMC Easter egg that highlights the attention to detail that goes into both this truck and its SUV sibling, the Yukon Denali Ultimate.

The Sierra Denali Ultimate Interior Is Made Of Clouds

Most of the money is going towards the inside. Being a Denali ULTIMATE, as Doug snarls, it must be an improvement on the already opulent Denali. 

You can use your freight in a variety of inventive ways thanks to the Sierra Denali.