Kyle Conner lists all the issues he's had with his R1T, how they were fixed (or not), and how Rivian service works.

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If you frequently visit this website, you are aware that the Out of Spec Reviews team has been using a Rivian R1T for the past three months or so.

Kyle Conner purchased a Launch Edition R1T in early June, and he has since driven it 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometres). 

As a result, it is now time for a service recap that details everything that broke on the electric truck, what was fixed, the cool over-the-air software updates, as well as Kyle Conner's first Rivian service encounter.

Kyle begins by going over the issues he encountered with the R1T, notably the clunking sounds the retractable tonneau cover creates while it's in use. 

Kyle referred to the tonneau cover as the worst design feature of the vehicle after it improved  ...

after the 10,000-mile service visit but become noisier and more difficult to open with each use.

Rivian is now developing a new tonneau cover that should address these problems, but until then, owners must put up with the clumsy component—yes, it's a common problem.

Kyle heard a clunking noise coming from all four motors as well, which was brought on by a click from the half shaft to the inner bearing. 

The front and rear half shafts, as well as a few bolt locks, were replaced by Rivian.

Rivian stated that this was only a temporary repair and that the issue will recur, which is disappointing for a car that costs about $90,000. 

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