The host of DriveTribe was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of this 6.2-liter V8 supercharged muscle car for his drive to work.

One day, Dodge took a look at the Charger lineup and pondered whether it could require extra power. 

Possibly somewhere around 700 horsepower. But is it sufficient? Both are excessive.

DriveTribe's Richard Hammond is coming to find out. Richard gets to test the DriveTribe Dodge Charger Hellcat on his way to work in their most recent video.

Go Big Or Go Home Richard begins by providing us with a few brief facts. a supercharged, 6.2-liter, V8 engine with no less than 707 horsepower. 

Then he admits that despite his extensive knowledge of the vehicle on paper, he has never actually driven one. 

He continues by saying that the old Hammond would have been enraged by such statistics, 

but that Hammond is no longer around. Instead, he introduces us to the new, more responsible, and more adult Hammond.

Once A Gearhead, Always A Gearhead He barges on, forgiving our doubt, and promises us that he will respectfully commute from his house to the Smallest Cog, which is his mechanic business. 

He makes the adult decision to store the red full 707 hp track key and utilise the standard black key 

because he will be driving the vehicle. Just in case, he does bring it with him.

He cautions himself not to become overexcited as he enters since he is "very mature now." 

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