The 11ft monster truck, nicknamed Swamp Thing, drives over anything that gets in its way, but you might need some help clambering into the cockpit.

Ridiculous Rides is featured in yet another video from the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel. 

Swamp Thing, an 11.6-foot-tall Ford F-350 Super Duty truck, is featured in this episode.

A Little History On Swamp Thing Like the majority of monster trucks, including the original Bigfoot, several components of the original vehicle were rebuilt using heavier-duty components. 

This is especially true for Tony's truck, which is equipped with a significantly modified 572 ci tall block that generates an astounding 2,000 horsepower 

and can accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 60 in only four seconds. 

The vehicle, according to Tony, was originally from America, and he has owned it for nearly 20 years.

Costs Related To Driving A Monster Truck When Tony saw the Swamp Thing, the first thing he did was strip the vehicle down to its bare chassis. 

At this point, he fixed/painted all the "different sections that were broken, of which there were a lot," he chuckles, and sandblasted the entire frame. 

However, he doesn't believe that starting again would have been preferable because he places the cost of all the new components in the $250,000 to $300,000 area.

What It's Like To Drive A Monster Truck Tony boards the aircraft at the 2:17-mark, eager to show us the cockpit and its spare interior. 

He claps his hands on the wheel and remarks, "It isn't really too much in here." 

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