This epic series of races see an ATS V sedan take on not one but two fiery Hellcat muscle cars, and the all-electric and very silent Model 3.

Even though the Cadillac ATS V is a quick vehicle, many people believe it to be inferior to established models like the Dodge Charger and the Challenger.

What do you think would happen if a Cadillac ATS V competed against a Charger or Challenger Hellcat, as well as a Tesla Model 3? 

The Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube channel is bringing you one extremely unexpected drag race, so have an open mind.

Cadillac Wins Against Dodge, Hands Down The white Cadillac ATS V is first, lined up against the matte grey four-door Charger Hellcat. 

The Charger appears to be aware of its position on the track, whereas the ATS V appears a touch out of place.

The ATS V surges forward when the flag is dropped, however it initially appears to stumble. 

The Cadillac ATS V, however, came out on top, clocking a great quarter-mile time of 11.192 seconds and a high speed of 132.70 mph, according to the findings. 

At 129.00 mph, the Charger completes the identical task in 11.255 seconds. Very quick, but not quite quick enough.

Can a Challenger Hellcat two-door perform better?

The Challenger, which shares an engine with the Hellcats, performed poorly, completing the quarter-mile run in 11.179 seconds and reaching a high speed of 127.50 mph. 

With a peak speed of 133.22 mph and a time of 10.279 seconds, the Cadillac ATS V once again came out on top.

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