It is hardly surprising given the Ford Maverick's popularity that Ford has great aspirations for its compact vehicle.

Jim Farley, the CEO of Ford, made a few mentions of the Maverick during his presentation of the company's second-quarter profits.

Several Mavericks have been seen being tested, though specifics have not been made public.

And some of them have quite a distinct appearance from the current 2022 Ford Maverick standard model. 

That ought to be a thrilling possibility for people looking to purchase a tiny pickup.

What’s in the future for the Ford Maverick?

Although the Ford Maverick's future has not been given any specifics, there is room for conjecture. 

One rumour that has been going around is an all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid Ford Maverick.

Currently, customers must select the optional turbocharged engine in order to have AWD. 

And doing so requires giving up some efficiency.