The amazing engines only enhance the luxurious appearance and feel of the 2023 GMC Sierra HD variants. 

Two variations of this GMC vehicle are designated as HD, or heavy-duty. 

You have a choice between the one-ton Sierra 3500HD and the three-quarter-ton Sierra 2500HD. 

You'll have a vehicle with amazing performance and power either way. Which GMC Sierra HD is the best truck to buy is the question you must address.

Five trims give you lots of options for the GMC Sierra HD

Whether you choose the 2500HD or 3500HD model of the heavy-duty Sierra pickup, you’ll have five trims offered. These trims are:

– Pro – SLE – SLT – AT4 – Denali

The Denali is the most opulent trim, with all the bells and whistles you could wish for, while the Pro is the most basic, with standard equipment and a normal cab layout. 

The AT4 variant of the Sierra HD is the one you want to drive if you want an off-road-oriented version of the vehicle.

How good does your heavy-duty GMC truck look?

Although beauty is subjective, we can all tell when a vehicle is gorgeous when we see one. 

The GMC Sierra HD is a stylish and commanding pickup from 2023. When you upgrade from the Sierra 2500HD model to the Sierra 3500HD model, this pickup truck becomes larger.

You may have the appearance you want depending on the trim and external packaging.