Elon Musk is renowned for making lofty declarations, usually on Twitter, but rarely providing specifics on how such declarations would be carried out. 

This was the situation when non-Tesla users of Superchargers were involved, but now we have some information about his ambitions.

 Electric car owners were unsure about the specifics of how non-Tesla electric vehicles will be allowed to use Tesla Superchargers, 

despite Musk's past statements to the contrary. Wait and see what Musk is considering.

Non-Tesla electric vehicles will need an adapter

The process of connecting non-Tesla owners' electric cars to Tesla Superchargers looks so straightforward. 

This requires more work than just inserting a bulb into an outlet.

The Supercharger and the Tesla communicate information when they are connected by a Tesla to a Supercharger. 

The software powering the Superchargers would need to be changed in order for this information sharing to function on non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Users will be able to add a Supercharger app to help with charging, according to Electrek. 

The account would be connected to the user's credit card, which would then be charged for the power utilised.