The Fast Lane Car check out a Chevy sports car with a $15k price tag but find out if they will go ahead once they discover it's been in an accident.

Unquestionably cool vehicles are Chevrolet C4 Corvettes. A new series called From Stud to Dud is debuting on the YouTube channel of The Fast Lane Car. 

They are purchasing three drop tops as part of their quest to discover the greatest 1990s convertible. 

One each from Germany, Japan, and America—the Corvette, which, according to our speakers, is somewhat more expensive than their $10k allotment and has a $15k asking price.

High Hopes For The High Price Corvette When looking for a secondhand automobile, our presenter absolutely dislikes going to the dealer. 

He explains that "you usually pay more for the automobile because you have to leave some money on the table for the dealer itself."

He estimates that the Chevy Corvette C4 is currently worth roughly $9k, yet he still chooses to visit the automobile. 

His justification is that the market is significantly declining and that keeping the automobile would cost the dealership more money than selling it at a lower price.

The Time To Buy A Future Classic Corvette Is Now

Our speakers go over the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a C4. It's a Corvette, so the advantages are rather obvious. 

The American dream includes the American mythology, which has existed since the early 1950s.

The C4 is particularly significant for a number of reasons. It is the only model for which no Corvettes were made for an entire year.