As a hatchback and as a hot item, the Honda Civic Type R is both. 

Why shouldn't it be, then? Since the beginning of time, Honda's automotive garden has forbade the use of the Type R brand. 

American consumers have had access to the somewhat spicy Civic Si, but not the really hot Type R.

Furthermore, we have even resorted to paying a premium to import older Japanese Domestic Market models. 

Finally available in the United States, the Civic Type R is proving to be nearly hard to depreciate.

What’s with the Honda hype? It's time to examine the Honda's marketing blitz to see how this is feasible. 

It begins with glowing reviews. The hot hatch was a finalist for MotorTrend's vehicle of the year in 2018. 

Although the aesthetic was and still is somewhat contentious, it received accolades for almost everything at the time. 

Regardless of styling, there is nothing that Honda enthusiasts like more than a brand-new Civic. Maybe VTEC, then.

Speaking of VTEC, the buzz is mostly driven by the powertrain—once you get beyond the logo, that is.

It is regarded as one of the best-driving front-wheel-drive vehicles ever, producing 306 horsepower for the front wheels and coupled to a six-speed transmission.

Dealers, regrettably, learned about the hype. Dealers priced up the automobiles knowing that buyers would pay since they had heard about the positive evaluations. 

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