The Hoonigan crew are back and challenge this 1974 Cooper S with big power to a drag race with the heavy-hitting 2016 muscle car.

You probably haven't seen a drag race like this one before. 

The little Mini and the enormous Dodge are engaged in battle, and both of them are nearly equally well-equipped for the task. 

We know that one has about double the horsepower of the other, but the weight is also different.

Hoonigan, a YouTube channel, walks us through this drag race in a very scientific way and discusses both machines in their distinctive way. To learn more about this, continue reading.

The Tiny Brit Vs The Supersized American The Mini Cooper and Dodge Charger are parked side by side as soon as the video begins, and the size disparity between the two vehicles is comical.

Despite the enormous size disparity between the two race cars, each one has been modified to compete directly with the other.

The Mini Cooper is made by Gildred Racing, a company located in California that specialises in Super Coopers and sells, restores, and converts vintage Mini VTEC engines. 

 A brand-new J32A2 supercharged mid-engined engine from Honda's J-Series family, 

with a monstrous 500 horsepower, is installed in the 2,000 lb 1974 Mini Super Cooper S.

A six-speed manual transmission transfers this enormous power to the rear wheels. 

This European classic has a power-to-weight ratio of 0.25 horsepower per pound with these numbers.

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