Coming soon is the Toyota Grand Highlander. 

The Toyota Highlander will be available in a big variant, but where else have we heard the word "grand" before? 

You gave the right response if you stated in front of the Cherokee. 

This brings up the following query. Is Toyota emulating the Grand Cherokee L from Jeep?

Is the Toyota Grand highlander cheating off the Jeep Grand Cherokee L?

Here is what we do know, then. Toyota reportedly submitted a patent application for the phrase "Grand Highlander" to Truck Trend.

This has sparked a surge of speculations and conjecture in the automotive world.

Considering that what precisely is a Toyota Grand Highlander? It's most likely an improved variant of the standard Highlander. 

It feels comparable to the Jeep Cherokee to provide a Grand option. 

In comparison to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L, the Jeep Cherokee, for instance, is a more economical choice.

The Grand Cherokee offers greater power, a more opulent interior, and other benefits when you upgrade.

So perhaps Toyota intends to provide a deluxe Highlander when it develops popularity.

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