Given the immense popularity of pickup trucks in the United States, competition for the best EV pickup trucks is intensifying.

Delivery of the Libyan R1T and GMC Hummer EV pickups to customers has already begun.

Also, Chevy recently announced the Silverado EV while Ram was planning the Electric Ram 1500.

However, the Ford F-150 Lightning can surpass all other models as the best electric pickup truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning has the pedigree and brand name recognition of the best-selling F-150 and F-Series

One of the main reasons the Ford F-150 Lightning is the best electric pickup truck out there is its pedigree.

Powered by gasoline, the F-150 is America's best-selling truck. The Ford F-Series truck line occupies the top spot in all vehicles.

There are several reasons why the F-150 is so popular. 

These include durability, reliability, high-end ease of use, impressive performance, a wide range of equipment options, and off-road capabilities.

In addition, the F-150 has a very long legacy among pickup truck enthusiasts.

The Ford F-Series dates back to 1948. Acknowledgment of this brand name is a key asset of the F-150 Lightning.

Relatively affordable price of the Ford F-150 Lightning Another reason the Ford F-150 Lightning is the best electric pickup truck is its relatively affordable price.

The starting price for the 2022F-150 Lightning is $ 39,974. By comparison, the 2022 Libyan R1T starts at $ 67,500 and the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickups start at $ 79,995.