The current Dodge Charger sedan may be the farthest thing from a sombre Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Very few Mercedes-Benz automobiles, save the nutcases at AMG, were designed to slip around curves in a cloud of tyre smoke. 

The Dodge Charger, on the other hand, is designed specifically for such silly behaviour. 

However, there may be more similarities between the Dodge Charger and Mercedes-Benz than you would realise.

Is the Dodge Charger based on a Mercedes? Yes, the insane Dodge Charger is built on a basis from a Mercedes-Benz E-Class from the 1990s. 

Even while every enthusiast of muscle cars may find it scary, it isn't always a negative thing. 

Independent rear suspension was available on even the first E-Class cars, a technology the Ford Mustang didn't get until 2015.

Therefore, the previous platform was cutting edge even with the massive Dodge Charger and Challenger, as well as their enormous engines and proportions. 

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, the hosts of the television programme Grand Tour, sincerely put it to the test.

In a hot lap competition on the previous platform, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat 

(mind you, with enhanced suspension, brakes, and other components) edged out an Aston Martin DB11 by 0.5 seconds.

Is Dodge related to Mercedes-Benz?

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